Poor signal over past few months, Saginaw MI
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Over the past few months prior to and after the announcement of the so called Nationwide 5G coverage that is being advertised my signal has gone from good in most every area I frequent to being practically unusable while at work. Prior to this time I would have 4 bars to full signal while at work. Often times now I get no service to a max of 1 bar in this location. I am not certain of the performance I would get at home as I am on WiFi the entire time here. I switched originally from Sprint to Verizon for the improved service while at work. That was a big reason for making that switch but now, those who were with Sprint, now T-Mobile have full or practically full service signals and can do whatever they desire. They will be streaming live TV on their phone as I helplessly wait for my phone to load a search page, fail due to no service or a timeout. I have a 5G capable phone and reading through all the information presented for the Nationwide 5G, it states that many will see very little improvement. I would accept very little improvement over what I had prior to the "improvements" they have implemented as now, the service terrible. I checked around and it is not just me but, every operator that has Verizon that is dealing with this issue. We had a group of 5 of us earlier, 4 of us with Verizon, 1 with T-Mobile. We all attempted to search for the same thing and while we all failed to load, the one individual with T-Mobile not only loaded that page but, opened up his YouTube TV app and was watching that while we struggled and gave up trying to get anything to work over the Verizon connection. I can only hope that this is fixed soon or I will have to pay off both phones on my account and find another phone provider that will be reliable. For the price that Verizon charges and the history of reliable signal strength, they are now looking like possibly the third best carrier among the 3 big carriers.

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Re: Poor signal over past few months, Saginaw MI
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It's important to us to ensure our customers are still and always receiving the nations most reliable network service. Please, Private Message us anytime so that an agent may take a look into the connection area. - NicholasS_VZW

Re: Poor signal over past few months, Saginaw MI
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Over past month or so been some who have same issue with 5g saying it's slow and bad reception as you report some say it's still being rolled out so not available in all areas yet I guess