Poor signal

I've seen on the web wher numerous people are having the same problem as I am and I have two of these Note 10+ phones.  Both phones have the same problem with reception with less than three bars or have a 1x.  I live in the middle of town and lose receptions all of the time.  One tech told me to get a wifi extender for the house, but what about when I leave the house?  How long do I have to return the phones?


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Re: Poor signal
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Hello  OldmanKP001! We are terribly sorry to read that you have been having problems with the signal. We know it's vital to have a reliable connection everywhere, and we would love to help. Were you having this issue before you got the new phones? Are all services affected? 


Normally, you get 14 days to return the device. If the devices were purchased on the 28th of November or after, you have until the 15th of January.