Poor signal

Since June/July 2020 my signal has dropped fro  4G 3 bars to as low as no service. This is at my home and at my mother's home (less than 10 miles apart). I use a jetpack in both locations for internet as I am rurally located and have no other options. I have recently called customer service twice first June/July, then again in Sept. Reached "tier 2" both calls, very lengthy calls. No resolution. The 2nd call I was actually told about towers being turned off. I have been a Verizon customer for over 20 years. Why should I pay their exorbitant fees and have no service. My last call to customer service I was told to buy a signal booster from WeBoost for as little as $30.00. That price does not exist. Verizon knows what the problem is. They need to turn these towers back on. I am so disgusted. I might as well go for one of these lesser known, cheaper companies. 

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