Possible cloning of my mobile number

For the entire day today, my phone would ring and it showed in the caller ID "VOICEMAIL"...the first time it happened, I answered, not thinking...there was a computer woman's voice that said "Hi, this is Kristen from MSN"...I immediately hung up because I have been told this is a hacker or scam system that is trying to get into your cell phone or computer.  It then rang several times in half hour to hour intervals...I never answered again, and it never actually left a voice mail.  Later in the day I went into my phone "Recent Calls" and all of the times that this call came in, in the "Detail" it said "ME" and my cell phone number was in the "Mobile Number" spot.  Each call appeared to only be a few seconds.  Thinking that Verizon could see who these calls were actually coming from, I called them at 3:45pm today, they sent me to the IT Tech Division, we were on the phone for an hour, he checked my calls and could not determine where they came from....I just checked my billing usage and they do not appear.  This happened when my phone was on a table, flat service and no one was messing with it.....The Verizon office is quite a distance from me, has anyone else had this issue or do I need to take my phone up to them to look at settings.  I checked and everything seems to be working, I am getting and am able to make calls and messages...HELP!!!

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Re: Possible cloning of my mobile number
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Sounds like some robocall/autobot has possibly spoofed your phone number and text 'VOICEMAIL' as the caller id.  These spammers are getting more sophisticated.

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Re: Possible cloning of my mobile number
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Tomsgirl1942, I can definitely understand how this would raise some concern. I would definitely be just as alarmed if that happened to me. Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of this for you. I see you mentioned the number that appeared on the caller Id was, in fact, your number. What you're describing sounds like Caller ID spoofing, here is a link you can use that will describe spoofing in further detail https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/share-name-id-faqs/#item11. Let me know if this makes sense. 



Re: Possible cloning of my mobile number
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It's called number spoofing and it happens to everyone. These scammers are pretending to use your number they don't have access to you account