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Since updating to Oreo, my S7 has been slow as molasses and the battery life absolutely sucks. Is there a fix for this or can I go back to nougat?

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My Oreo S7 experience has been good. Just a few minor glitches that can be corrected and my battery life is better than with Android 7.0.

I guess it's just luck of the draw with the update.

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settings/notifications.....chances are all are checked, select what you want!!

can't go back!!

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It's disheartening to see you're running into such an unpleasant experience with your S7 after completing an update, flyerchas. While bearone21 is correct that you are not able to go back to a previous firmware, I want to make sure we cover all the bases to get you enjoying your device like hiflyer5 mentioned. When did you install the update that created the slowness and battery life issues? Do you notice the device performs slowly when you're trying to do anything in particular? How long does a full charge from the original Samsung wall charger last on your S7 now?


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One of the first things Samsung and Verizon told me to do was to clear the cache partition on the phone in recovery mode. Also with this new update under device maintenance there are options in there to clear up the memory and storage. When you clear out the storage it is not the same as clearing the cache partition in recovery mode.

Turn phone off

Then hold the power-volume up-home

The phone will go into recovery mode

Then use the volume down to highlight clear cache partition Press power

Then volume down to say yes and press power again

The phone will then reboot in recovery mode then press power to reboot the phone

This will clear out all the old files that are left behind after an update

It will not change any of your settings on the phone

This partition is like a hard drive on a computer and holds all the old files

that your phone doesn't need anymore and some of these files can cause

conflicts with the new files but it is safe to clear this out after you get an update