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Potential buyer confused about signal strength

I am about to decide on a new phone but my brain is mush from reading all the reviews! Perhaps someone here can help me. My choice is narrowed between nexus and rezound and i was leaning towards the nexus until i started reading about the signal strength issues. In my mind, all the extra bells and whistles of a phone are worthless if a phone can't make calls reliably (not a big data/power user so i am less worried about 4g).

From everything i've read, am i correct that:

(1) This new 4.0.4 update doesn't completely fix the issue and in fact makes it worse as some posters have indicated?;

(2) It's basically a 50-50 chance whether i get a nexus that has the signal problem?;

(3) The "nexus bars are just incorrect" solution is just a red herring and the problem is really a network software and/or poor phone design?

I just can't believe the nexus connectivity issue is as bad as so many say when it gets such high overall marks from so many reviewers and users! If it is, then the obvious safer choice is the rezound - i dont want to get caught in this "swapping out til i find one that works" cycle or have to pay the restocking fee to switch to the rezound later.

Thanks for any thoughts - Vickie

Re: Potential buyer confused about signal strength
Sr. Leader

Well in there own right there not bad phones. I have a Razr Maxx and the Performance of it is astounding in the Battery Dept. the Radios in the Motorola's have always been there Strong point as Well they did suffer a Wii bit with I.C.S update but a Maintenance update is do out Soon. But i guess the Reason i lean on the Motorola's more than any thing is that Me and my Family have used them for almost 20 years..

Re: Potential buyer confused about signal strength

Well, if the extra bells and whistles and the 4G don't matter to you, I'd say you'd  have two options:

  • Go the safer route, and get the Rezound.
  • Go with the Nexus, but expect to have an issue with the 4G connectivity. That said, it can still function well on 3G.

I'm on my second Nexus now, and I'm about to go the Verizon store to possibly get a third. The first one I had got a really solid signal pretty much everywhere, was super fast, etc., but had other problems (which I now realize was the result of a widget, but neither I nor the Verizon tech knew that at the time), so I had to get a replacement. This one runs perfectly... but only on a 3G connection. I can't hold a 4G signal at all. Even in the same places where my first phone was great (at home, work, etc.). Since that matters to me, I'm going to take it in and hopefully get a third one that holds a 4G signal. We'll see...

Re: Potential buyer confused about signal strength

You can not use 4G on the Nexus without having issues with you losing reception. This isn't just a data issue, you can (and probably will) lose calls. ;You may not even get the call. You may lose reception a few seconds in to a call.

Do not trust Verizon with the Galaxy Nexus. It currently has a shot of problems unless you are willing to forego the 4G connection. Do not trust what any rep's say about the Galaxy Nexus.

Re: Potential buyer confused about signal strength
Sr. Member

I have had my Nexus since it launched.

It is my only phone as I ditched my landline years ago. I even have my work softphone forwarded to my Nexus.

I don't drop calls, and I have no data problems.

Not every Nexus is plagued by issues, though I know many of them are.