Pre-ordered S21+ but now want S21 Ultra

I received my Pre-ordered S21+ in the mail yesterday from With this Pre-order I received the Smsung smart tag as a bonus plus $200 of online store credit. In addition I am trading my current phone in for $550.

I haven't yet opened the S21+ box because I would like to switch it out for the S21 Ultra and pay the difference (obviously). 

My initial thought was to do this through Samsung (garbage) however when I purchased the phone I did the upgrade through Verizon and am financing through Verizon.

Am I able to take my S21+ to my nearest Verizon store for an exchange instead of going through


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Pre-ordered S21+ but now want S21 Ultra
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for providing such detailed information. Congrats on receiving your new device. However, we undewt and that you'd like to exchange is for the S21 Ultra and that you've not opened the box of your curren S21. Participating in our Device Trade-In Program is an excellent option to consider. For more info about the Device Trade-In Program, please visit our website at To be sure we're on the right path to assist you, if you purchased your device directly from Samsung, you'll need to return it (To Samsung) within the Worry-Free Guarantee grace period (Typically, it's 14 days). For more info about our Return Policy, please visit our website at; Once you've done so, you will be able to participate in Verizon's pormo offer through our website. Our promotional offers are available for a short time and we want to ensure that you're able to participate in the best promotional offer that meets your needs. We encourage you to visit our  "Deals" website at;