Problem with voicemail setup Samsung A53

I added a new, second phone to my account, a Samsung A53.  It was purchased from Verizon.

Initially it was assigned to a Verizon number, but I ported a Net10 number to it.

The phone part works fine, but the voicemail will not work.  The dialogue asks me for a mail box number.  If I enter the phone number, including the area code, it says this number is invalid and asks me for the number again.

I suspect that the ported number lacks something in the setup that causes the voicemail to fail.  I have talked to multiple Verizon support people on this, and they have been unable to help me.

I tried accessing the voicemail from another phone, and this didn't work either.  So, it isn't the application I am using.


Any ideas on this one?


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