Problems after updating to 2.3.5

Last week (2/8) I updated over the air to software version 2.3.5.  Since that update, I have had numerous odd occurrences like the phone refusing to turn the screen off after the 1 minute interval I had selected and random messages via the synsethized voice (these have stopped and I didn't hear what was said exactly as the phone was in my pocket.)  Now the only remaining symptom seems to be that either I can't shut the phone down using the on/off button or it takes a photo (apparently a screen shot) when the button is depressed.  Prior to the update the phone worked flawlessly.  Verizon CS could provide no helpful information and instead referred me to the Samsung website where I could find nothing useful either.  In fact, the site doesn't even refer to any software assistance beyond the 2.1 software version.  I have removed the battery several times but have not done a master reset.  To be clear, the firmware version is 2.3.5 and the build number is EH03.  Any ideas?