Problems since updated 2 days ago
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I'm glad I'm not alone, but my phone is almost useless after the latest update. It gets too hot, the battery is dying quickly (it's gone from 35% to 0% instantly which has caused problems with me using electronic ticketing on my commute), my contacts are gone and the phone keeps trying to sync to no avail, and I keep getting messages about a memory shortage although it's not my apps (I've checked and deleted most). I went to the Verizon store and they suggested I go to the Best Buy Samsung desk to see if they could fix the battery. If that didn't work, they wanted to give me a refurbished phone. I hope for better information now that so many people are having problems.

Re: Problems since updated 2 days ago

Try to putting battery to low power mode. Turn off location services, wifi, bluetooth, when you dont use these. Espically when your outside. Dont charge your phone all day. That should work.