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Problems still since Gingerbread update

I have been having problems with text messages not getting sent out or not receiving text messages until I pull my battery.  I know that I have also not been receiving phone calls from people either it will ring on there end and go to voicemail but it will not show up on my phone that they are even calling. 

Also when I go to text the keyboard on the screen is lagging behind sometimes it take at least 30 seconds for it to come up.  It has been backing out of applications like my text messages, Google search, internet, photo gallery, and those are just some of them. 

Since the update my WIFI hasn't been working at all but I don't have any other problems with anything else in my house or the other cell phones that run off the WIFI.  And it doesn't matter if I am the only one trying to use it or if other items are using it too. 

I am not sure about the problems I am having with my Google Calendar but I have more than one calendar that has different information on it and it is not linking up to my phone but it has linked to the other people's phones who have access to the calendars. 

I would like to know why I am having so many problems from someone from Verizon but I have not been able to get into the store so it would be nice for an employee to respond to this.  Yes I do have the current software and I do pull my battery everyday but nothing seems to help. 

Also my phone shut it self off the other day and then went into safe mode.  This isn't the first time the phone has went into safe mode when it has been turned on.  I just have to turn it off and then it usually goes out of it but it is still annoying. 

Then my phone takes screen shots all the time too and that is very annoying.  It usually am just trying to hit the power button to turn the phone screen light off. 

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