Problems with Trade In

The first real issue I've had with Verizon in years of being a customer.  Recently upgraded to 2 Note 10s (for my wife and I) and traded in our Note 8s for the pre-order deal of $450.  One was credited correctly, but the other they only gave $26 total for.  So I chatted last (for an hour) night with customer service and they said it was because I didn't preorder...which I did, but had to exchange one Note 10 due to a defective screen so that phone was shipped after the release date.  So she said it would be fixed...but today I get an email that states that the credit will only be $26 because it "wouldn't turn on".  That is idiotic since the phone was flawless for 2 years & was used up until the day before it was traded in.  I guess I'll be calling them again tonight...but does anyone else have these issues. I've never had a problem trading phones in until now.

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Re: Problems with Trade In
Customer Service Rep

If all of the requirements were met with the trade-in, we, certainly want you to receive the proper dollar amount. Please share the details of the outcome of the second call?