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Problems with my Nexus

I certainly hope Verizon pays attention to these posts.  I have had several issues with my phone already.  Here is a quick list, any help / feedback is greatly appreciated.


Maybe I am a little more picky than others.  Maybe I have just used the phone more in the last 24 hours.  I have to say that I am really disappointed in the phone.  I am coming from a Droid X, which has its own set of issues, but I think that this phone was actually a step backwards.  So, here is my list.  I doubt it will make a difference that I post it here, but maybe it will help some of you out.  The phone is running version 4.0.2.
First, the Pros:


  1. Screen looks great
  2. For the most part, I like ICS.  There are some funky things like the menus turn to .'s sometimes, sometimes they are vertical ...'s.  I don't know if I like the fact that you never know where the menu will be or what it will look like.
  3. 4G LTE rocks.  I have gotten transfers in both directions at over 20Mb/s.  (unfortunately these are not consistent.  I have gotten as low as 3Mb/s while standing in the same spot and re-running the test).
  4. No forced bloatware on the phone.  Sure, there is bloatware on the phone, but I can delete everything I want (my X prevents some apps from being deleted, and, forces my top 4 favorites for my browser to be hard coded to Verizon's / Google's links.  I can't stand that).
  5. Integration with Exchange appears to work very well...finally!

Now...the cons...  Unfortunately this list is way too long for a phone I have only had 24 hours.  Let me say that I don't root the phone and I use as many stock apps as I can.  At this point I think it is likely that I will return the phone within my wonderful 14 day window that Verizon gives us.  If anyone else has seen any of these issues or has workarounds for something I may have missed, I would love to hear from you!


  1. Signal Strength.  This is not one of the big deals, but it still concerns me.  My signal strength is far lower than the Droid X phone sitting right next to it.  Thus far I do not think it is causing problems as I have not dropped a call, but I feel like I am right on that edge.  Case and point, had 1 bar on the Nexus and 4 on my X.
  2. Text Messaging.  Went to send a text message by hitting the text message Icon at the bottom of the home screen.  Brought up the browser.  Went back to the home screen, hit it again, brought up email.  Went to the Text Message Icon in my list of apps.  Hit it, got the browser again.  Hit it again and got the camera.  Rebooted the phone and it worked perfectly.
  3. Inconsistent LED for notifications.  Sometimes these do not show up at all.  When the LED does come on, it blinks very slowly.  Slow enough for me to give up and think that I have no messages.
  4. Gets very hot.  This phone gets warm enough that putting it up to your face can be uncomfortable.  Fortunately, I rarely do that, but holding it, the phone feels very warm.
  5. Rebooted.  I had the phone for less than an hour.  I hooked it up to my bluetooth and was talking.  I then went back to the home screen.  The call stopped, the phone locked up.  After pressing the power button a couple of times it simply rebooted.
  6. Bricked.  Put the phone on the charger at midnight.  Checked my calendar, put the phone back to sleep.  When I woke up it was dead.  No combination of pressing power and volume keys helped.  Holding the power button down did not help.  I finally had to pull the battery and the phone restarted.  Phone appears to work fine, with the exception that it feels sluggish.
  7. Many times Initial caps does not work.  I have had many situations where I have to enter text, so, I click in the edit box and the keyboard comes up.  The initial letter is not capitalized.  If I hit backspace to erase this letter caps will come back on.  
  8. Volume issues.  The speaker is too quiet.  While I do not use speakerphone very often, I do use the GPS.  The voice for GPS is so quiet you cannot hear it unless the radio is off and the windows are up.  I have NEVER had that problem with my Droid I, or my Droid X.  Verizon suggested I use a cable and plug it into my radio in the car via the AUX port.  When I said then I can't listen to the radio if I do that he said I have to choose.  Sorry, not a solution.
  9. eMail Issue.  Deletion of mail (especially POP email) is slow, and, painful[/B]The Droid I had this problem.  At first you could not delete your email on the server when you delete it on your phone.  That was finally fixed, then it took forever to delete POP items.  They fixed this on the X, but now there are two design flaws that I have noticed.  Mind you, these work perfect on my X.  First, deletion is very slow.  In the morning I may have 20 spams I need to kill (let's not get into the spam conversation).  I select all 20 items and hit delete.  I can literally watch them get deleted one or two at a time.  Each one takes about 1/2 to 1 second, so, this takes about 10 - 20 seconds to complete.  At that time I cannot use my email app at all.  This is terrible.  Secondly, and probably one of the major reasons the phone goes back, all the items that are deleted end up in my deleted items folder.  At this point I have maybe 40 items in the folder.  There is NO empty deleted items folder menu choice, NO select all menu choice.  So basically, I have to (for the second time) select each email I just deleted, click in the check box (which is a very tiny area), and then hit delete again.  More often than not you accidentally click on the mail item itself (because the check box is small), and you end up bringing up the email.  Very frustrating and amazing that nobody thought about clearing out your deleted items.
  10. Very slow at times.  There have been times that the phone is just out-to-lunch for a few seconds at a time.  Clicking on an app, moving between home screens, etc.  The phone with a dual core 1.2GHz processor should always be snappy.
  11. Scrolling not as smooth as on the X.  Scrolling feels like someone left the breaks on.  On my X I can flick a page and it will scroll several screens full.  On the Nexus, it slows down and stops too quickly.  This is not at all a showstopper, but I feel the implementation could have been done better.
  12. "Now where did the menu go?".  Not a big fan of the ICS moving menus.  Sometimes the menu button is gone, sometimes it is on the bottom right, and sometimes it is at the top, almost to the right.  This all depends on what app you are running.  Sometimes the menus shrink to a simple . to save space (I kind of am okay with this since they don't move).  Again, not a showstopper, just not sure I am a fan.
  13. Power button.  Okay, this is a nit.  I think the positioning is wrong.  When you hit the power button you almost always press one of the volume buttons.  Simply put, for me to comfortably hold the phone, I put my thumb on the power button and my pointer finger naturally rests on the volume up button.  Pressing in the power button pushes the phone toward my pointer finger, which, pushes in the volume up button.  Not sure I like the design.
  14. Tipped Over.  When you change the phone to landscape mode it slows way down.  Text entry is much slower and scrolling is much slower.  There really is no reason for this and hopefully this will be fixed soon.  Several others have reported this as well.  

So, there you have it.  Not sure I am going to keep the phone, but it does not appear likely.  I would love  to hear from others to see if they have experienced the same issues.


Re: Problems with my Nexus
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader
Only thing I can address is the signal strength. Ignore the bars. Each manufacturer sets the thresholds. Remember when everyone with an iPhone complained about the signal and ATT's 'fix' was tp send an update which readjusted what the signal bars would stand for.

If you can look for the signal strength. There are many apps that can tell you this and most Android's have it listed somewhere.
Re: Problems with my Nexus
Sr. Leader

O boy i'm still glad i got my two old girls they might not be the new shiney Ferrari's that are out now with the ( Big 4G )  but they still get the job done. :smileywink:  when i call on them... b33


Over a year old an still rocken the solid Gold 70s with my X an my Inc.

Re: Problems with my Nexus
Sr. Member

1. Should be fixed with the 4.1 update.


2, 4, 5 and 6 make me think that you have a bad phone.  I would consider an exchange to another Galaxy Nexus.


8, and 11-14 may be/are inherent to the phone and the Galaxy Nexus may not be the phone for you. 


There are some features in Ice Cream Sandwich that came from Honeycomb.  I think that some of those features, such as the moving menu button and the recently used apps list, work better on tablets than they do on phones.  While there are some features in ICS that I like that are not in Gingerbread, I thought that Gingerbread was good for phones.

Re: Problems with my Nexus
@21stNow Do you have any additional details about the 4.1 update? Or could you provide your source? (Curiosity)

@Bot I agree with 21stNow's comment about "2, 4, 5 and 6 make me think that you have a bad phone." I second the suggestion to try an exchange.
I also came from a DX, so I also recognized the slowed-down scrolling. It's a tiny bit annoying, but something I can become accustom to when adding up all of the great features of the Nexus.
And the power button! Now THAT is taking some getting used to. I'm slowly teaching myself to hold the phone slightly closer to the top. When I do that, my pointer finger rests just above the volume button.
Re: Problems with my Nexus
I also have to agree with 21stNow - 2, 4, 5, and 6 seem to me that you have a bad phone. I would definitely have it exchanged within your 14 day grace period. 
I went from a Samsung Droid Charge to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There are definitely things that take some getting used to.
I too have played the "Now Where Did the Menu Button Go?" game. I think that as I get used to the apps I have on my phone, knowing where the menu button is will become second nature.
I use my phone in the morning to listen to music and news as I get ready for work. On my Droid Charge, the speaker was much louder. I will admit I was a little disappointed with this, because of the frequency with which I use the speaker. However, I can adjust. The trade-off for what I'm getting with the rest of the hardware and ICS is worth it. But assuming it isn't a hardware issue (which I am at this point) I will keep my fingers crossed for some sort of fix.
Signal strength worries me too as well, but I'm still playing with it to see if my signal is actually weaker, or if it is just the way the bars display. 
I do hope for a fix that speeds up the rate of the LED notification (just slightly, I don't want the phone flashing like a strobe light). I am also just grateful to finally have a notification light again. I haven't had one since I switched from my BlackBerry a year and a half ago.
I too have noticed that when I rotate my phone to go into landscape mode, which I do often for text messaging and email (clumsy fingers), it is VERY slow to rotate. Again, waiting for a fix.
All in all, at this point, this is how I view it. This is a new device. And more importantly, an entirely new Android OS. We would be naive not to expect some issues/hiccups. What I also expect at this point is that this is a Nexus - as long as we calmly make the issues known to Google (not scream and rant, just politely point out), we will have timely updates that will fix many of the problems we see. 
I am going to wait patiently for Google to do their job and fix the problems we all knew would be discovered the first couple of weeks after the release. 


Re: Problems with my Nexus

Per your list, I'm having issues #1, 3, 7-8, 10-12, and 14. 


Additionally, I've noticed that when I hit the phone icon to call someone who's in my recent calls list, it takes up to 10 seconds for the phone to initiate the call. 


I keep LTE turned off to save battery. At my home, my Droid X always had a full set of bars (there's a Verizon cell site about two miles down the road). The Nexus displays anywhere from 1-4 bars of either 3G or 1X. I haven't had it drop a call yet and its browser is faster than the DX's was, even with 1X. Additionally, it often takes several minutes for the phone to re-establish the data connection after a phone call or after initial startup. It might display "3G," but the bars are grey and the browser will say there's no data connection available when trying to browse. 


I've only had a brief 4G device ownership stint back in June with a Droid Charge. The Nexus has better battery life than it did, but it still has what I'd consider to be mediocre battery life. I largely expected this because of the screen and I may invest in the extended battery. Relatively poor battery life seems to just be par for the course with LTE devices and probably will continue to be until the manufacturing technology evolves.


All of that said, there are some things I like about the phone. The screen is great, the camera is good enough, and the GPS locks immediately. My DX could take upward of 5 minutes to get a GPS lock.


Overall, I'm very disappointed with the Nexus. It's obviously a new OS and a somewhat new hardware design, but there's no excuse for most of these problems. I expect a $300 flagship device to work at least as well as my previous one, but so far it's mirroring my (bad) experience with the Droid Charge. Hopefully Google will be able to fix most of the issues quickly, although I fear the signal strength issues are related to hardware design. 

Re: Problems with my Nexus
Sr. Member

In regards to the phone getting warm, I had that when I was loading apps and playing angry birds at the same time. Once the market reconized my Nexus as one of my devices there, I went through the market on my computer, and told it to load about 30 apps in a row, and played Angry Birds at the same time. I was trying to see if the dual core would stutter. It did not. I did notice that the phone got warm, but after everything was done loading, it cooled off within a couple of minutes. 


Later I played Angry Birds again without any loading. While Angry Birds would turn my Droid X into a handwarmer within 1/2 hour of playing, the Nexus did not warm up that much at all.


Signal Strength - This is way off on the Nexus. I used a couple of other apps to check the signal strength, and they showed consistantly more signal strength than the phone itself. I think that the calculations are WAY off on the Nexus. Parts of my house are really signal poor, and the Nexus held connection most of the time. A couple of times I lost connection, but those were in the same areas of the house that my X would lose connection too..... so I thinkt hat the Nexus has decent signal strength, but it just does not show it.


Reboot - My phone rebooted once. I accidently made a phone call (while playing with one of the features) and I ened the call as soon as the call screen came up. The phone rebooted right away. I did the same steps and could not get it to do it again. Not sure what happened, but


Menu location - I think that this is a product of the apps, more than ICS. The apps that have not been programmed with ICS API's show the menu at the bottom, while apps that had the ICS API's when they were programmed show the menu at the top. Not sure if this is what is actually happening, but for some of the apps I know the developer and when they were put out, it seems to be the case.


Slow scrolling - I have had a couple of apps scroll slowly, but in my case, those apps were trying to load information into itself while I was trying to scroll. I have not had problem in ICS itself (no apps) scroll/swipe slowly.


power button - I agree that the button placement will take some getting used to. I too come from the X, and have reached to the top for the power button. I also have turned the screen off once when trying to adjust the volume. I also have turned the volume up a couple of times playing Angry Birds because of my thumb placement during play.... guess I need to hold it a little differently :smileyvery-happy:



I hope that you can get your other issues resolved to your liking. I have not had anything other than what I said above, but of course, I have not yet used the Nexus in my regular real world working, so time will tell :smileyvery-happy:




Re: Problems with my Nexus
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I had seen blogposts such as this one.  Some mention the update to the radio firmware and some don't.  I can't find anything official, like on

Re: Problems with my Nexus

"Additionally, it often takes several minutes for the phone to re-establish the data connection after a phone call or after initial startup. It might display "3G," but the bars are grey and the browser will say there's no data connection available when trying to browse."

@wilsedw I have had the EXACT same thing happen many times (display "3G" but the bars are grey). It also seems to happen when I get out of range of WiFi. Yesterday, I actually had the phone stuck without any data connectivity. I finally toggled the airplane mode (on & off; it was off to begin with, mind you), and then rebooted my phone. Upon start up, I toggled the airplane mode once more (on & off) and after a couple of seconds I had data connectivity. (3G, three-four bars)


"This is way off on the Nexus. I used a couple of other apps to check the signal strength, and they showed consistantly more signal strength than the phone itself. I think that the calculations are WAY off on the Nexus. Parts of my house are really signal poor, and the Nexus held connection most of the time. A couple of times I lost connection, but those were in the same areas of the house that my X would lose connection too..... so I thinkt hat the Nexus has decent signal strength, but it just does not show it."


@curtterp It is possible that the signal strength calculations are off, but I've actually had issues of LOSING data connectivity at all - even in an area that has Verizon network repeaters and typically yields full-bar 3G data connectivity



@21stNow Thanks for getting back to me - I'll be reading up. :smileyhappy: