Promo Credit False Advertising
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Long story short - turned in 2 Pixel 3 phones back in June/July for two Samsung S21s, upgraded both lines to unlimited as well so I could qualify for the $800 promo credit each ($33.33 over 24 months.)  After much runaround/chats and calls, they refuse to fix.  I did that order through online chat back in June, they took care of setting it all up.  They are now saying they said their system is showing to give a gift card of $29 for on and $52 for the other Pixel, and they refuse to honor the original deal.  I've seen this in some of the other posts. 

Anyone have any luck or suggestions as to what to do next?  I dislike have\ing to report to the Better Business Bureau or spend the time etc. to go to small claims court for this, but I refuse to let $1,600 just be lost because something was done wrong on their side, and no one at Verizon seems to be able to make this right.   Note the Pixels were still in perfect working conditions, etc.

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