Promo Issues and Discount promise not given
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4/28/20 - Was very excited to purchase a new phone and was interested in the note 10. I have been dealing with Alyssa at the Forest Hill location located on 7029 Forest hill ave, Richmond, va 23225. We were waiting for the phone to get in because it was out of stock, so she offered to give me the note 10+ at the same price as the note 10.

4/30/20 – Received the prorated bill for the next month and did not see the credit for the $300 promo that was promised and the discount that was promised for the phone, so I ended up getting overcharged for the difference in the phone which was $150.00, which ended up being a $450.00 difference. Spoke with Alyssa via text and she advised me that she was going to get with her manager and see where the mix-up happened and explained to me that Verizon usually sends everyone a high estimate at first and then the next month it gets back to normal.

5/8/20 – Send another text to Alyssa with Verizon to get a status update on the phone for the $150 difference in the phones price that was promised and the $300.00 promo credit to lower the bill. She advised that she would get back with me and let me know.

5/11/20 – Send another text to see if I needed to come in and speak with a manager to get things going faster and Alyssa advised that she is on her way in and that she spoke with her manager. She advised that their system crashed the app and that she would get back with me. Received a text later on that I was taken care of, She advised that it will not reflect on the app, but on my bill I would see the credit for the difference in the pricing.

5/14/20 – Send another text to see where we where at. Still no changed in the promo credit for the $300.00 and the $150.00 difference promised in the phone. Alyssa advised that she would call the billing department to see what the issue is.

5/19/20 – Send another text to see if any headway was made on the credits and Alyssa advised I will see the credits on the bill and not on the app.

6/3/20 – At this point I was addressing my frustrations with the whole process to Alyssa on why this was taking so long, that I was overpaying for a phone and the $450.00 discounts that I have not been given and also the extra taxes that I have paid for the $150.00 difference in price. Alyssa advised that she was off and would take a look at it and handle it.

6/9/20 – Sent another text to Alyssa asking for any updates. Alyssa advised that I was on her list and that she was in conference with 2 other people about my issue and 2 others issues.

6/11/20 – At this point I have lost all faith in the store managers ability to handle the issue and advised Alyssa this would be my last attempt to resolve this issue before contacting Verizon support. Alyssa advised that she would be getting with her manager the next day to resolve the issue.

6/15/20 – Sent another message to Alyssa asking for the corporate number to lodge a complaint and asked for her managers name to include in that complaint. She advised that she was on her way to work and would send me the info. I had asked on why this whole process was taking so long and she asked that everytime she has spoken with Verizon they said it was in the works and she told me that I am the 3rd customer that she knows of that the credits did not show up for the first month and another customer just got her credit almost 4 months later. I asked her not to forget about the difference in the price of the phone and the email info and Alyssa advised that she was waiting for her manager to give it to her.

6/16/20 – Sent another message requesting the info. And she advised that she will be in at 2.

6/19/20 – Did a chat session with Verizon Agent () and informed the associated of all the issues that have taken place with the $300.00 promo credit and the $150.00 difference in the phone and the taxes that I have over paid. He advised that he could not help with the difference in the phone, that the store I initially bought it from had to deal with that issue and told me that it was a $200.00 promo credit and not a $300.00. I advised him that I had all of the text messages confirming all of we discussed and that I could print them out and email it to him (PROOF). Verizon Agent sent me his email address ([email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]) to confirm everything that I have been telling him. He also gave me a ticket number #WFM190253838. He got back with me and only gave me a credit for $100.00. I asked him about the $150.00 over charge and the taxes overpaid and he advised that his managers informed him there is nothing they can do for me that I would have to get with the people that sold me the phone.

7/27/20 - ***3  MONTHS LATER*** and still no results. I asked for the $100.00 credit to be deducted from the payments, so I have can a cheaper bill and they didn’t do that. I have been a customer of Verizon for a long time and I never have been treated this way. I never have had a problem till now. I have been overcharge for the $150.00 difference and taxes in the phone and still have not received my $200.00 promo credit for the phone. I almost feel like taking the phone back to the store and canceling my service and going with another company. If there is anyone that can help me with all this I would greatly appreciate it. I think 3 months is a long time to wait for results.

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Re: Promo Issues and Discount promise not given
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We are shocked to see you have had a bad experience with your phone purchase. We are here to aid you in the best way possible. We send you a Private Note.