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I received a text message offering me a promo to trade-in my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to get $800 off a Samsung Galaxy S21.  That would basically equate to getting the S21 for free, while paying the taxes which came up to like $56, and of course trading in my current phone, the S9 Plus.  Well I entered in all my information, and was ready to checkout.  Left the items in my cart.  Came back in a few days and went to check out and accidentally cleared my cart.  Try to use the link they sent me to redo everything, only to find out the promo is no longer available.  Mind you, the text they sent said nothing about the promo only being offered for a limited time or that it would expire.  Now they are telling me that they will only give me $440 off for trading in my S9 Plus.  So I told them no thanks.  That's a ridiculously bad offer compared to the offer they made previously.  They went from offering $800 off to offering only $440 off.  Maybe this is a sign I should go ahead and switch to T-Mobile.  See below for the promo text that they didn't honor.


Hi. It's Verizon. You're eligible to get $800 off any Samsung Galaxy S21 when you upgrade and trade in your Galaxy S9 Plus. Call 800.366.4365 or visit (data charges may apply). $800 trade-in/promo credit applied over 24/30 mos; 0% APR; 0% APR. Add'l terms & trade-in conditions apply. Reply 'X' to stop msgs.

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Re: Promo Not Available
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Reviewed that number since it looked off not matching Care's number or Telesales. Turns out it's a scam.