Promotion never applied to account, keep getting a run around

I purchased a new phone a YEAR ago now!  I was told I would get half off my phone if I upgraded my plan, didn't pay off my phone for 6 months, and sent in my old phone.  I was told I would get a shipping kit in the mail to send it never came.  I called, they said the kit was on it's way...still never came.  I called again, was told I would get a paid shipping label in my email...nope, called again, walked me through how to get a shipping label emailed to me online, still didn't come.  called again, finally got a shipping label, and sent in my phone that same day.  waited for it to be received, called in, was told the credit would be adjusted to reflect the promotion but to give it a couple weeks to show up...nope.  Called again, told the credit was denied because it was too long after the promotion...are you kidding me!?!?!  Said they would try a different promotion, and to check back in a couple weeks...guess what, denied AGAIN!  I am SO FED UP! I'm even being told that there is no record of me calling in before March of this year...that's either a flat lie, or messed up documentation.  The only reason I got this phone was because the promotion made it affordable.  I asked how I could speak with a supervisor, or someone who had the authority to fix this mess,  and was told that wasn't possible.  Worst customer service ever, seems like all they care about is the bottom line, and will do all they can to run you around in circles as long as possible so they get more money from you....I'm at a loss on what to do, maybe it's time to switch to another provider?

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Re: Promotion never applied to account, keep getting a run around
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Hello MMcrouch,


Getting a promotion is a great way to save on a new device. I would be concerned too if I were having any issues with receiving my promotion. We are here to help! Can you please clarify what you mean with "didn't pay off my phone for 6 months"? What was the date of the purchase? What was the new phone you receive and which device were you trading in?