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Hello so I am having issues with my promotional credit. I bought 2 s20 plus 5g in Septemver, October or November. I don't remember exactly but it was towards end of the month. When I bought then and brought line over from other carrier. The promo was buy one for 15 a month and get 1000 off the 2nd one. Wheni received phones one wasn't the correct color so rep had me return it and ordered new one but this new one ordered was outside the promo time frame. I was told it was OK since I was technically swapping phones. So now It has been 6 months and I have not gotten the correct credit for that phone. I only got like 250 off not the 1000. I have tried to correct it but no one has been able to help me. Also the 2-3 months of waiting for it to appear on bill makes it so I can't return once it doesn't appear which doesn't sound right. Can anyone help?

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Nando2092, that is quite the dilemma and we want to ensure that we fully look into what has been going on. We will send you a Private note so we may proceed.