Purchased new phone and received a used one!

Has anyone else encountered this situation? The first phone was ordered through the Verizon store and was sent directly to my home. When I opened the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra the protective covers were missing and the phone had finger prints on it. It was also sent to me in an envelope with the Verizon Texas returns department address on it. This had me concerned so I called Verzion customer care and explained the situation. This is a $1300 phone I wanted to make sure I was getting a new one. The agent I talked to agreed and had a replacement sent to my home. The box has the two seal strips on the side and this time has the clear protective covers on the glass. They were put on over finger prints and crooked. The strange thing is the phone was covered in finger prints like it had been handled and repackaged. Every new phone I have purchased from Verizon looks brand new when they are removed from the box. Why doesn't Verizon have new phones at the Verizon store? And why are they being sent from the returns department in TX. I seems like these were returned by other customers that didnt like the phone and Verizon just repackaged them and selling them as new. This is disconcerting and borderline fraud. If anyone else has had a similar situation please chime in. 

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Re: Purchased new phone and received a used one!
Customer Service Rep

This is not at all the type of experience we want you to have when getting a brand new phone.  As a customer myself, I would be concerned as well if my new device looked handled already with multiple fingerprints on it.  Let's get to the bottom of this together.  A private message is being sent now to assist you further.-Sean