RCS not working on S22 Ultra
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Hello, Activated my S22 on Wednesday.  Since Google Messages is default texting app.  I was sending messages to a family member who also has Google messaging with Chat features was working fine and then yesterday it stopped working.  Why aren’t Chat features working?  I am hearing having same problem with other carriers.  I had Z flip 3 previously with no issues using Chat features.  Little bit disgruntled.  Went through Tech Coach they couldn’t figure it out now have sent me to the Advanced team.  Seems to me it is a flip of a switch.  Anyone else having issues?

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Re: RCS not working on S22 Ultra
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Hi, there! Congrats on your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Kelc122! We most certainly want to investigate further into the trouble you're experiencing with RCS messaging. I understand you didn't have this issue on your previous device. To gain clarity, where was your Samsung S22 Ultra purchased? Is your device software currently up to date?