Rebate's from December

I'm still waiting for my $650 rebate for switching over plus a lot of money for 4 phone turn ins that equal a lot of money.  I dished out a lot of money to ATT when I switched over and never received the visa cards for the phones or credit for the $650 I was promised.  How do I fight this?  I submitted all my paperwork that I still have and have called and all I get is a denied.  WHY?

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Customer Service Rep

Welcome to the Verizon family, ANNTHE88. We're disappointed to learn you're having trouble with your promotion. It's important all promotions are honored based on your eligibility. We would recommend reviewing your submission here, This site is set up specifically to review your submission and provide details on the progress of your submission. If additional information is needed, you can contact our Promotions team at 844-408-8470.