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My original complaint is below. This is an update: I received an email and phone call from a Verizon representative and the response was insulting. Evidently, they must not have thoroughly read my complaint to see what I have tried to do. They don't believe that I have tried to resolve this problem and have no record of me even trying to. 

So, I guess that they decided that I am a liar, as well as, every other person that has similar rebate complaints. It's their word against mine/ours.  Here is part of the email response: 

"I have included your purchase receipt that states the rebates must be submitted by: 02/24/2020. If the submission was not completed online the promotion is forfeited. I did research to determine the rebate was accessible and redeemed by Verizon customers. Our customer service cannot redeem the rebates as the customer must accept the terms of the rebate. 

I further researched the account to determine that customer service was not contacted regarding this account in the following months... March, April, May, June, July and August 2020. 

After thorough review of your account we respectfully decline issuing the rebate cards as the submissions were not processed online."


My original complaint:

I am having the same rebate problem as many others. I’m trying to redeem two (2) $200 pre-paid Visa cards and also one $250 BYOD rebate. A total of $650.

   I switched 3 lines to Verizon on 01/25/2020 (online order). The following day, I picked up my devices at a Verizon store. That evening, I started to submit my rebate information and the site froze when I was about halfway through. Two days later, I needed to exchange one of the Galaxy S10e phones and upgrade to a Galaxy S10+.

While I was in the store I explained rebate site problem to the associate and he said that he has heard of recent issues and that he would submit the information in for me since I would need to enter the info about the new phone anyway.

   I expected a couple of months wait and then the Covid-19 issues started so I gave it extra time knowing there were delays with most companies. When I try to check for the status online I get a message saying  ”Promo Code with the Order/Purchase date can’t be found”.

I have no way of tracking it and I haven’t received any emails. I’m frustrated because it is so difficult to get through to a representative, especially now, since this pandemic has been an obstacle.I chatted online with a representative and set up a time to call me and speak in person and I never received a call.

 The email response I received suggested that I go to the Verizon store, which I attempted, only to find out that they have had limited hours during Covid-19 closures and I am at work during their operating hours.

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