Receiving Calls from Angry people!
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I have been receiving calls from angry people telling me they had received multiple calls from me. However, I never had initiated a called them. English is not their native language

Has anybody else had this experience?


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Re: Receiving Calls from Angry people!
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I am a consumer too and I sincerely understand your discontent with those calls (this happens to me from time to time as well), Talisman. When calls show your number and you did not make those calls, it means that your number is being spoofed. Nothing would make me happier than providing you with a way to stop this spoofing issue, but we do not have any way to prevent anyone from spoofing any phone number (including yours or mine). Please review this link ( for more information on spoofing.


We make every effort to provide options for our valued customers to minimize unsolicited calls (and spoofing), and we now offer Call Filter. You can get just the basics (spam detection, blocking, and reporting) for free, or you can subscribe to Call Filter Plus for all that and more for $2.99 per month per line, or $7.99 per month for accounts with 3 or more eligible lines. Please visit this link ( for details about the Call Filter feature.

Aside from clarifying those calls and providing you with the Call Filter feature information (, are there any other Verizon Wireless questions I can answer for you today?