Receiving Texts LATE

For about 2 weeks now I have been receiving text messages extremely late. An example is a friend messaged me on Friday at around noon and I didn't receive her text message until Saturday night at 8. At first I was told it was a location issue and that the area I live in was a "dead zone", but I was out all Saturday morning for hours and still didn't receive any of the messages until that night. Any troubleshooting I can do? I've already reset my phone plenty of times without the issue being resolved. The only solution I see is a new SIM card. I switched phones, from the S10+ to the S20 Ultra, last month and didn't have any problems until just recently. 

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Re: Receiving Texts LATE
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Sorry to hear about the issues with receiving text messages late, AnimusPatient. I know how crucial it is to get your messages in a timely fashion. We're happy to help figure this out. What's the nearest cross streets and zip code of the location where you are having the issues? Are all apps and the operating system fully up to date? You can do troubleshooting here: