Recent Pie update missing message scheduling option s8+
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Phone recently updated and along with fast battery drain like many others ha e mentioned I no longer have the option to schedule text messages in the messages app. NOT the VZ messages app but the Samsung app. I never used the VZ app before so idk if that was a possibility then or now. I only know I could scheduled texts in the Samsung app before the update and since then I can't! 


Anyone else noticed this? 

Is there a fix or another way to go about being able to still have this ability?



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Re: Recent Pie update missing message scheduling option s8+
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Scheduling messages can be very convenient, kaleadean. With updates, the manufacture can remove or change where certain features are located. Per Samsung's website, please try the following:


Write a message like normal in the SMS app and then press the “+" sign to the left of the text field. It will open up more options. Select the three dots toward the right side, and you should see" Schedule message" option. Please keep us posted.