Recieving text message from ME in message+

I have been recieving blank text messages from "ME" (my own phone number) at random times over the last month. This question has been posted before, but neither the solution to or the cause of the problem has been identified that i can find. Please post what to do to resolve this issue.

My phone is a Note8. I use Message+.

It is updated.

I have not installed any new apps that i have given my phone number to

I have restarted my phone and cleared my cache multiple times

This isdue happens when i am using and not using message+ and come at random times

What is going on and how do i stop these texts?

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Re: Recieving text message from ME in message+
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Hettar7, receiving blank text messages from yourself can be concerning, but you have come to the right place for help. There are multiple reasons that this can be happening, which is why I have a few questions to ask. What is the latest software that you currently have? You may refer to the following link on how to locate this here: Have you switched devices recently? Have you made any changes to your device prior to this issue occurring?