Recover deleted photos Samsung Galaxy 10

I deleted my photos by mistake while trying to free up storage on my phone. I have 3 gmail accounts. I can retrieve all photos from 2 gmail accounts but the 3rd is a college university account. University states there is not an option to save photos to this account. It appears the photos are in this account but I don't have access to them. Is there any way to retrieve photos?

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Re: Recover deleted photos Samsung Galaxy 10
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If you are able to sign in to the Google account associated with the University and navigate to that accounts settings you can find out whether there are photos saved by going to that accounts dashboard. You will see options such as Gmail, Contacts, and Photos. Selecting the Photos account will surely give you a definitive answer as to whether or not your photos are saved there. From the same Google accounts settings section that I referenced earlier you can also request a download of all of that accounts information. It typically takes a couple days before Google has that information ready in compressed file format.