Recovering Photos after factory reset

I put a password on my phone and kept the same one for the longest and finally changed it. Went to log back into my phone, low and behold I forgot my password. I tried 19 times to log into my phone. I kept that last password attempt just in case there was hope I could find help elsewhere.

I had Verizon Cloud before it became free and was going to back up my photos but never got around to doing it because I thought I was safe. I thought somehow Cloud would keep at least all the current pictures I had taken before it became to where you had to purchase.

Earlier tonight I tried a password once more. It was the wrong one. The phone reset. All of my pictures... GONE!

I'm devastated. 😞

They aren't in google photos, or anything!

I even tried unlocking my phone through Samsungs app and it didn't work.

I'm so upset. There is no way of retrieving them at all?

Its a Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Re: Recovering Photos after factory reset
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If you hadn't backup up the pics somewhere, unfortunately they're gone.

Re: Recovering Photos after factory reset
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sorry to say but they are gone. Verion took away free cloud a long time ago. Only free cloud is for contacts. Google pics has a setting to autosave pics to you Google account. Not sure why they weren't saved to your google account.