Removing bloatware
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I normally buy unlocked androids just to avoid Verizon bloatware.  However last November at Costco I was told Verizon would unlock the device after 60 days so I paid for the device in full and prepared to count down the days till I was free again.  After 9 months Verizon says my phone is unlocked but I still can't choose Google Voice as my default phone app!  It is deceptive and disgusting that Verizon isn't honest that they MOSTLY unlock the phone. There is no excuse for not allowing vendor operating system to replace the Verizon bloated OS once unlocked.  No more excuses...  make it right and unlock the phone!

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Re: Removing bloatware
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We certainly hear your concern, Walkerstv. We can help check the phone to be sure everything is unlocked. Can you confirm the IMEI of the phone?