Reoccuring Error: Unfortunately System UI has stopped


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Kernel version:  3.10.40; dpi@SWHE0308#1, Wed Dec 6  15:42:17 KST 2017.  Build Number: MMB29M.N910VVRU2CQL1 .   Baseband version :  N910VVRU2CQL1

I continually receive the error message:

unfortunately, System UI has stopped

Checking on the internet for that error message, shows it is a “common error” on Samsung phones. Several possible fixes are given, the most popular being:

  1.   Navigate to device “Settings
  2. Select “applications”,  Tap  “Menu”
  3. Select “Show system application” in pull-down menu,
  4. Then find  “System Interface” among all applications.  In “Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache
  5. Check whether the error has disappeared.

PROBLEM:   For my Note 4,when I do step 2, I select “Applications” and a new screen appears.  There are 10 choices but none are “Menu”.  They are: Application Manager, Default applications, Calendar, Call, Contacts, Email, Gallery,  Internet, Messages, S Voiice.

A search does not find “System UI”, “System application”, System Interface, or  “Memory”.

HOW do I navigate to the right location  to perform step 4:  ´ In “Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache”