Replacement of S21 Ultra
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Poor customer service when it comes to replacing your S21 Ultra first of all Verizon always wants you to file a claim with Asurion and then they wanted to sell me the Asurion Home Device Plan. When all I need was for someone to troubleshoot my phone because the SCREEN WENT BLACK for no reason and authorize a replacement phone. 

1- Spent over an hour with the protocol of transferring from here to there and troubleshooting process.

2- Finally the guy authorize the replacement and said I should get it the same day or the next day. The PROBLEM was he could not find a replacement S21 Ultra.

3- So tech got to transfer me to another department to get them according to him to get them to authorize a phone of the same or higher value as my replacement.

4- Another 30 minutes had passed... a lady came over the phone and stated the earliest I can get a replacement S21 Ultra was a week from now. I told her I need a replacement ASAP due to the need for my job. I ask her about replacing it for an equal or higher value available to get a replacement and she denied being able to do so unless I pay for the upgrade. I told her all I want is a replacement phone ASAP not a new phone. She will not transfer me to a supervisor or manager either. Bad business I will finish my contract and change my service provider. VERIZON is not what it used to be anymore.

5- I was forced to lose money from work due to Verizon not having a replacement phone and now i have to wait a week for the replacement to arrive.


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Re: Replacement of S21 Ultra
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jsantos9594, we certainly want you to receive the phone in a timely fashion. It can take longer than usual when the replacement phone is not in stock. Under the manufacture warranty it is the same make and model phone that is to be sent. -Tionna