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Replacement phone not working!!!

Hey, I just got a replacement Galaxy Nexus because my old one had a terrible USB port. However, this one has a dead pixel and the screen is terrible and grainy in low-light situations. This is not acceptable!! Do I have to go through the process of getting another warranty replacement? This will be my 4th phone!!!!!!! CANNOT believe this. I have full insurance / extended warranty, but I want a phone that WORKS.

Re: Replacement phone not working!!!
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Hello tw15egan!

We want to get you a working device! Please get in contact with us so we can take care of the issue. You can contact us a couple of ways: Tweet us @VZWSupport, call 1-800-922-0204, or DM me your mobile number.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Katie H

VZW Support

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Re: Replacement phone not working!!!

just call tech support you dont have to pay for an replacement if you did not damage the phone in any kind of way. Verizon will ship next day if you call before 3 p.m that day

Re: Replacement phone not working!!!

Got a replacement Nexus two weeks ago from a Verizon store and for awhile things got better and then bang - dropped audio, dropped calls and wavering single strength in known execellent signal strength. Contacts sink incorrectly from google contacts. Can't text vcards. AOL is my default browser even though I have 3 gmail accounts - can't change default setting. Spent two hours with nice Verizon tech; she tried everything. Finally sent me to Samsung. Samsung wants the phone back. I asked if that would solve my problems. The answer was may be. Next breath he was talking about software updates coming from Google in a month or two. Seems they know Google is the problem; not the hardware; not Verizon. Unfortunately, I'm out $300 bucks.