Reported poor coverage and Tier Tech support only recommends network extender that works by WiFI
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Hi I have been a Verizon customer since 2009 and service has been better than ATT. After Hurricane Michael service has degraded and calls are dropped . Recently the cell tower went down (jan 21) and service has been terrible, at times signal is 1 or none bars. I contacted tech support a couple of months ago and after four weeks of support was told they cannot do anything because during the upgrade of the tower the signal was redirected. On one phone the signal is shown as 1XRxx the other maybe 1 bar. The signal is -110 dbm  or higher at times coming from the tower which is poor when -90 and below is a strong signal. The resolution I was given was the Verzion network extender which only runs by internet wifi and muct be connected to an router which is NA.

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