Reporting and Blocking Spam Calls

I have the basic, free, call filter from Verizon, which up until now seems to have been working. In the last hour, I have received nine calls from unrecognized numbers, which I presume are robocalls. None of the callers have left voicemail messages. How can someone report a number to be considered for Verizon's call filter? I am at nearly 20 calls from various numbers in the last 24 hours. 

The worst part to all of this, I have not given my number out to anyone. I use a different telephone number for everything other than personal calls. This is harrassment at this point, and sadly, Verizon doesn't seem to want to squat to help combat the issue. And no, Verizon, I am not paying for a service you should provide for free, especially when it is a service that was originally included with my Galaxy and Verizon, in its typical corporate greedy fashion, removed it to install its own garbage on the phone.

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Re: Reporting and Blocking Spam Calls

you've given tour phone number at some point.

block each call but they can still leave a voicemail.

Re: Reporting and Blocking Spam Calls
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I understand wanting to put an end to unwanted calls. The Call Filter Plus options does include some added benefits the free version does not include. This benefits can be found on the following link.