Ringtone volume decreases automatically on Samsung SM-N975U
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This started in May 2020.  It could have started with the latest update.  Has never been a problem.  During the day, I have the ringer volume set up, then I start missing calls and find that the volume is turned completely down.  I uninstalled HiYa and that didn't solve the problem.  I have tried clearing cache on Various applications, haven't found the culprit.  I use Do Not Disturb but was using that prior to this problem starting.  I use Zedge dial and notification tones, I just changed those to Media Storage sounds and will see if that solves the problem.  Anyone else seeing this on a Samsung Note 10?

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Hello, raymairjr. We definitely want to get down to the bottom of the issue you've been experiencing with the ringtone volume of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We do want to help with this in every way that we can. Since changing your ringtones to the ringtones that are saved on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, has the issue occurred with those ringtones? Was this happening with all notification sounds that you used outside of the ringtone when you receive a call? BrettA_VZW