S 21 not sending text msgs
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2 hours with Verizon support ..so frustrating. Didn't happen with s 10 doesn't happen to iPhone on this account. Rep said it is from deprioritization  on unlimited data plan.  When I said it must be the device Tier 2 tech said I had 30 day to trade it in and today is my last day. Can't  get to a store until Monday. Tried doing a chat but stopped getting a response.  

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Re: S 21 not sending text msgs
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your concerns are our concerns too. Hearing that you're nearing the 30-day time frame to trade in your device, is not the experience we want for you. We've also noted that you're not able to visit a store until Monday and that you're experiencing problems reaching our Customer Service Team at 800-922-0204.


We apologize that your wait time has been longer than expected due to high volumes. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We understand how extremely busy many of our customers are and we value your time. We offer other options to contact us by visiting our website at http://spr.ly/6603y7lUS; We'll look forward to working with you. - Robert C.