S voice and or google voice or?? HELP
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so with the S5 we had a greeat working  S voice.  With the S7 the S voice got real bad. With the S8 there is no S voice. I know Bixby is suppose to replace it but Bibxy is a broken mess.


I do alot of driving what do I do now if I want to contact one of my contacts? It s not safe to pull out my phone and look up the contacts then get it to dial. Before I could just say Hi Galaxy call Jeff. And it would.

I have heard people use good voice to do it but I know nothing about it nor do I know if it will work.

Yes I have a bluetooth I use while driving. It is a Plantronics Voyager. Rated as one of the best.

Re: S voice and or google voice or?? HELP
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E5Destoryer, I definitely want you to be able to take advantage of the voice assistant. At this time, Bixby voice is not available however there will be an update that will be provided once Samsung provides the update. I'd recommend using Google Assistant until the update comes out.

Re: S voice and or google voice or?? HELP

"Hey Google" works right out of the box with the S8.  From what I understand, Bixby is not supposed to replace Google anyway, it is supposed to be like, I don't actually understand it, but they say it's not a replacement for Google it's just to "help you use your apps more efficiently" or something like that.  The voice assistant is still google though.