S10+ Terrible Call Quality

We just switched from Note 4 to S10+. Our voices during phone calls sound like we are covering the phone with a towel. These are brand new with cases and glass installed at Verizon. The microphone opening are not covered by plastic or anything else. People we call say they cannot hear us or cannot understand us. The primary function of this expensive phone is junk.

I see on the internet that there are a lot of people having similar challenges. Flushing caches and force stopping Bixby...

Good grief - it's a phone and needs to make a successful call!


Anyone else having this problem - how did you resolve it?

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Re: S10+ Terrible Call Quality
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A talking phone is a happy one, and I'm sorry to hear that your S10+ is having these issues. The Galaxy Note 4 would have connected to the network differently than a Galaxy S10+, especially when in a 4G area, but your call quality should be better, not worse. While you mentioned that the microphone or other ports on the phone are not covered by anything, have you tried the phone when it did not have any cases or screen covers installed? Does this occur in all locations, or just certain ones? How is the rest of the phone when this happens?