S10 call quality

Hello. I am needing a new phone. I currently have an S6 Edge. I have gone into a store a played with the S10 and the S10+. Beautiful phone. But without being able to actually make a call, I left feeling pretty meh about it.

I have read quite a bit online about how this phone has pretty poor call quality, has significant issues with the proximity and fingerprint sensors, and is intermittent with connecting to bluetooth reliably. 


Can anyone talk to these isses? I am trying to determine if spending $1,000 on this phone is worht it, or if I shoud look elsewhere.

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Re: S10 call quality
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Nmallington, being on top of the Samsung Galaxy S10 call quality is vital, especially if it's your main form of communication and chiefly if you are investing $1,000.00 on the device. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is an amazing phone with great features and specs. If you want feedback on the Samsung Galaxy S10, check out our review page to see how customers grade the phone: https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-s10/?sku=sku3340196.