S10 "unable to send message" in Messages app

Hello.  I have a new S10, only one month old.  Yesterday I received a text message from my niece.  It was a group message with the family.  In the text field where you would type a response it says, "unable to send message" and you cannot click there and open the keyboard.  As it turns out several but not all of my group texts are the same.  What is going on?  If I go in and start a new message and type everyone in individually it will bring up the text history and allow me to type a response but as soon as I close the new message window it goes back to "unable to send message".  Is there a fix?  I have restarted, cleared cache and the like.  I have been told to delete the entire message thread and start over...  is this really the only option?  I kinda like my message history and would prefer not to delete it.  There must be another fix for this.  Thanks!

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Skinnek, thank you so much for reaching out to us today. We want to make sure that there are no issues with your group messages. It's odd that some of your group messages will not allow you to type a response. What text message application are you currently using? KevinR_VZW