S10 series update to Android 10 - Any issues ?
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I'm trying to get any information with possible issues downloading the newly released Android 10 (One UI 2). My wife has the update notice on her S10e but afraid to download due to knowing others having issues with some previous updates.

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Re: S10 series update to Android 10 - Any issues ?

Don't do it!  I just did, because I've always trusted Verizon, but it's really messed up up my phone.  You can't swipe up from the bottom and get the apps drawer, so I installed an Apps drawer button on the home page.  That fixed that problem, but recent apps button doesn't work and the back button keeps disappearing.  I can't swipe between pages even though there are four dots at the bottom of my home page and you can't press on the home page and get the widgets back that I lost in the update.  NOTHING HAPPENS!  How do you uninstall an update?

Re: S10 series update to Android 10 - Any issues ?
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We always want a software update to enhance your wireless experience, not hinder it. I regret to learn about any issues with the User Interface, now that you've updated the software. I'm eager to assist. Please allow me to explain that you are not able to uninstall the software update. However, it's always a good idea to complete a backup and restore afterwards. No worries, as these steps have gotten much easier and much less time-consuming. Please click this link and follow the steps: http://spr.ly/66031wKSd Please let us know how that goes, thanks in advance.