S20 5G UW: Netflix says device no longer compatible with your device
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I recently got a S20 5G UW 


It's on Android 12 (Official)


It came with Netflix v 1.0.0 preinstalled

When I try to open it, it says Please update to the latest app version to proceed


When I look for the app in the Galaxy Store or the Play store, I get the error that the app is no longer compatible


When I go to Netflix's Android support page and download the 4.16.200217 version, it upgrades, and then throws the error:


Please make sure your device has network connectivity and that the Date/Time settings are accurate


I'm using the phone on wifi 


Other android and apple devices on the same wifi can load Netflix just fine


I'm not using VPNs or rooted or unofficial firmware or software 


As far as I can tell my devices Play Protect status is fine


I've made sure Play Store and the phone are as up to date as possible


I contacted Netflix support and they had me run through the same troubleshooting steps I had already found through their website


They finally told me to contact my ISP.. but I don't think its a network issue. I can sign into nextflix just fine in the chrome browser. 


Has anyone run into this?


I've also made sure to clear data / clear cache and yes Ive tried restarting

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