S20 FE unable to download MMS - Check your APN Settings and then tap to retry

How frustrating. 2 new phones and neither one can reliably send/receive MMS messages.

Tried 3 different SMS apps and none of them work.

Tried resetting my mobile settings but it's pretty much locked on one APN and the only thing I can change is the name. 

I tried changing the mobile network from Global (that was the worst. None came through) and then to the two LTE option and I am still sporadically having issues.

My house is on a Verizon booster (I believe a 3G one). Not sure if that makes a difference.

And my wifi is on. I read some posts years ago that MMS won't come through if you are on wifi? 


It's 2020. Are we seriously still having issues sending texts? 

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