S20 fe 5g
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I received my new s20fe 5g on 10/22/2020.  Signal goes from 40 down to 0.12 down and then to 4 down then .024 and all over.  

Verizon replaced the SIM card then send me a factory refurbished phone. Now they opened a ticket.  I've spent over 8 hours on hold and in chats with tech to solve the issue.  They credited my account $8.35 for my trouble.  

They said there's nothing they can do until the ticket is closed, which could take up to 5 days.   

Has anyone else had this trouble?  There's no way to set the phone to 4g so I can have a signal.  My wife's phone is 4g and getting 40 down regularly and my other 4g device is consistently getting good signal. 

Is verizon in serious trouble with 5g or am I just getting a bad deal?  With 6 lines of would think they would want to provide excellent customer service.   Something is up.  

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Based on others comments on 5g I think it's network problem as many are saying it's getting worse reception than 4g and slow could be due to the roll out not being available all over