S21 + shows connected to home wifi but does not work most of time
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Hello, has anyone experienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the S21 +? I notice ppl have when just doing a google search. It shows fully connected to my Wi-Fi but when I try to open an app I get 
try later no connection available. I have 1 bar of Verizon service so I depend on the Wi-Fi for everything including calling. I'm also having problems with the phone detecting Bluetooth for pairing with different devices I've tried to connect. I have hard rebooted the phone and rebooted router but continue to have the same issue. All other Wi-Fi devices are working just fine. I would appreciate any feedback. This has been going on since I bought it from Verizon June 1st and is very frustrating. 😞

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Re: S21 + shows connected to home wifi but does not work most of time
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Hello, LAR79. I'm sorry that you have some issues with WiFi connectivity and some Bluetooth devices. Let's address each issue at a time, and we can start with your WiFi connectivity issues. When did this WiFi issue start?

Does this happen with the WiFi network at home only?

Is your WiFi connectivity more reliable if you turn on Airplane Mode and then connect to WiFi?