S22 Ultra MMS issues

Upgraded on 1/6. Unable to send or recieve  messages/pics/videos or anything that is a MMS message.

Went back to Verizon on 1/10. Verizon says software issue to contact Samsung.

Scheduled a tech appointment through samsung for 1/11. They couldn't figure out what was going on. They Scheduled me to meet with a samsung tech that does samsung exclusively for 1/14. This is  45 minutes one way from my home. Samsung also is saying that it's a carrier issue and not software.

I have to send my trade in back but am concerned this issue won't get resolved. It's ridiculous that this is happening at all when paying for something so expensive.

Any ideas or thoughts on this. Both Verizon and Samsung are dropping the ball with this. Customer service is poor. Not happy one bit.