S22 Visual Voicemail -- no notify unless Voicemail app is running
Enthusiast - Level 1

We have two S22 Verizon phones with same issue:  If Voicemail app is not running, then when someone calls the phone rings as expected, they leave a VM, we get no notification sound, no voice mail in pulldown notification list, no count showing on VM app badge. 

- The only workaround I found is this:   Each time I power on or restart the phone, I must start the VM app running, which I rarely remember to do.  I don't have to leave the Phone app running to receive an incoming calls or missed call notifications, so why do I have to leave VM app running?

- Doesn't matter if WIFI on or off, and yes I have cell service during the tests.  Verizon support incorrectly insisted last Friday I have to turn off WIFI for VM to work... of course turning off WIFI didn't solve the problem.

- I've been through Verizon's online long troubleshooting wizard steps for VM (and no, I'm not going to factory reset both phones).

- The VM app icon is green, same color as the Phone app icon, so I think it's a Samsung app not a Verizon app(?)  This VM app isn't shown anywhere in list of installed apps in PlayStore app... that seems odd, how are we supposed to get updates?