S22 won't receive video calls
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My husband and I both just upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S22 . 

His works great. I can make video calls on mine but cannot receive them. I've chatted with Verizon help several times, have enabled it on the line, toggled it in the phone app, and now have a ticket in.  The only progress made is that Bixby appears to answer the call but the only call notification I get is a missed one.

I know the ticket can take a few days and it's a tiny detail but it's bugging me beyond measure that it won't work! Am I missing a simple setting? I've been through them all.


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Re: S22 won't receive video calls
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I understand making  sure you covered all options. If this option has been enabled and your data is turned on you should be able to receive those calls as well. I would recommend allowing the ticket to provide a resolution once it is closed. You should receive a email and text once the ticket is resolved. We appreciate your patience with us during this process.