S3 battery drains, performance is terrible post-kit kat
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Subject says it all.  Battery drains fast and performance is terrible post kit kat upgrade.  I'm sick of uninstalling and reinstalling and constantly plugging into the wall to use my MOBILE PHONE for which I pay a small fortune every month.  Verizon, please take some responsibility for these issues.  Provide a comprehensive solution or give me a new phone that will not have these issues. 

Re: S3 battery drains, performance is terrible post-kit kat
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I have exactly the same issues!  I finally went to the Verizon store and they had a new one sent to me but I had to keep my same battery. Made me nervous since I went on vacation for 2 weeks. I'll be home in a week so I can go in then and they will supposedly give me a new Sim card and battery. It's a wee bit better but I still have to charge it at least once a day and is drained again by bedtime. I just bought a Samsung tablet and it does the same thing. However I read books on it so I'm not totally surprised.