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S7 Edge Screen Flickering and then Replacement Broken

Just generally wondering what people think the best course of action here is.

So Saturday morning I picked up my S7 Edge from the desk where is was charging and noticed the bottom half of screen was flickering green.  Turned off display and back on and it went away but came back moments later.  Days later this problem was just getting worse and worse.  I have never had any major drops or anything with this phone and when taken out of case it still looks pretty new.  Went to file insurance claim but Asurion directed me to Verizon warranty department.  I talk to them and they sent me a replacement phone to be received the next day.

I get home from work eager to set up my new phone and ship back the defective one and I walk in the door and my girlfriend who was cleaning up the kitchen at the time says O hey your new phone came in!  She walks over to table reaches in the box and pulls out the sleeve the phone was in.  Reaches it over to me and the phone just comes sliding out of the sleeve and smacks screen first on the hardwood floor.  Sure enough the screen is cracked...

Ive had many different Galaxy phones and have never once cracked a screen and then this happens.  She feels terrible and promises to "get it fixed" lol but I'm assuming I'm just kind of screwed here.  In her defense, I will say the cardboard contraption they shipped it in is terrible and not sufficient for such an expensive piece of tech.  Verizon likely will not just send me another one right?  Should I just file insurance on the new broken phone?

Re: S7 Edge Screen Flickering and then Replacement Broken
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for contacting us about this matter, Mhall264. I'm happy to give you some advice about what possible options that you have available. You can file an insurance claim if you do have insurance on your account and take advantage of this, since this device had been cracked in your possession.